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Why CBD is the Hottest Ingredient to Add to Your Favorite Holiday Dishes

Thanksgiving is one of the most popular and favored times of the holiday season. People join together in unison to share a delicious meal while enjoying the company of family and friends. Now, people are adding more fun and excitement to their Thanksgiving by putting their own spin on traditional Thanksgiving cooking by infusing their favorite dishes with CBD Extracts. To participate in this...
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Invasion of The Brain Chillers: Our CBD Slushy Machine Is Here!

And now for something completely different. For the first time ever, CBD Vape Oils LLC is offering something you can only find in your favorite stores that carry our ever-popular CBD products. So, could we interest you in a delicious, ice cold, sweet and slushy, CBD-infused Brain Chill? Just don’t drink it too fast or, you know, “Brain Freeze!” Since you, most welcome customer, are not...
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Sweet! CBD Vape Oils LLC CBD’s New Full Spectrum Honey Tinctures Are Here

Tinctures, CBD oil tinctures included, tend to have a bad reputation as tasting like something terrible. Leave it up to the folks in the CBD Vape Oils LLC R&D lab to come up with the ideal solution — one that’s been hiding right under our noses — CBD honey tinctures! CBD Vape Oils LLC tasty new CBD-infused honey tinctures are made with nothing but 100 percent all-natural honey and...
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